1.                       http://www.MathTechEd.com/fot/cw1201.htm

2.                       go to www.pgcps.org

3.                       go to STUDENT link

4.                       go to gmail account and login

a.                        try: monday123

b.                       try: last four digits of your student#

5.                       send an email to Lawson.Hamilton@pgcps.org

username: first-last     pswd: monday123

6.                       click on DOCUMENT button near the top of the page.

a.                        explore shared documents.

7.                       click on “Create” button near left-top of screen.

8.                       rename your google doc with “cw 1-Dec-2011”

9.                       click on File then share, share the document with Lawson.Hamilton@pgcps.org by clicking on the add persons dialog box and typing in my email address.  You can continue to work on your document.  I will be able to view all changes that you make.

a.                        Write the definitions of Social, Political, cultural, and economic.

10.              write a four paragraph essay describing the social, political, cultural, and economic impacts of smart phones—your essay must be at least 150 words (or more)

11.              Investigate and write a (100 word report) of a technology designed to reduce the negative consequences of other technologies. You must cite your source(s) by listing the book titles and authors or the website(s) URLS.

12.              when you are finished goto: www.MathTechEd.com/FOT/cw1201.ppt and follow the instructions for creating a research paper.  Use google docs or MS Word to create your research paper.

13.              What is the definition of “literacy”?